MIROX Corporation

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Company Profile

MIROX Corporation conducts automotive market research and develops marketing strategies for automotive OEM's.

Our specialty is testing of production and pre-production prototypes, both for vehicle durability and for customer acceptance.

We also conduct complete analysis of vehicle and component compliance with FMVSS .

Our specialty is complete certification testing and documentation for "Low Speed Vehicles" (LSV), and we can handle the complete project for any Foreign or Domestic LSV manufacturer.
Low Speed Vehicles (LSV)

We can quickly evaluate any LSV for compliance with FMVSS #500, #111-V, #141.

MIROX Corporation has developed exclusive "fast tests" to quickly identify typical FAIL issues, so that they can be addressed by the LSV OEM before conducting the "full" FMVSS tests.

These "fast tests" have over the years saved many thousands of dollars to our clients on LSV certification and testing expenses.

Our latest addition to services for OEMs is full certification and testing for "low volume" manufacturers and importers of "Replica" vehicles, which while exempt from performance FMVSS, are however still subject to all current equipment related FMVSS that are in force as of date of manufacture of the "Replica" vehicle.

MIROX Corporation can also prepare, develop and publish "Vehicle Owner Manuals" for our clients and assure their compliance with current NHTSA and FTC rules and regulations.

We perform vehicle "Validation" and "Mileage Accumulation":

Vehicle Test regimes available are:

Key Benefits and Capabilities are:

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Autotronics is a specialized branch of Electronics that is for use in Automobiles.

Micro-Controller Code

Spin is a specialized software code developed by Parallax for programming of the Propeller Multi-core Processor.

OKA NEV ZEV in Las Vegas, Nevada.