MIROX Corporation

office:  (702) 683-8292
fax:  (702) 723-1641
E-mail:  mirox@aol.com

MIROX Corporation has been developing websites for our clients since 1996.

Mirox Corporation is an active member in W3C organization.

Website Development - Web pages are strictly compliant with W3C standards for HTML5, CCS 3 and Internationalization, and are all verified and certified to function properly on all current web browsers for PC, Tablets and Mobile Devices.

Current Websites

Links to Websites we currently maintain:

1996 - present

2003 - present

2010 - present

2012 - present

Web Enhancements

Page Visits Counters

We have exclusive HTML5 code that can place a counter in many different styles (see table below) on to any HTML5 page.

This MIROX COUNTER is unique as it does not use requests to any external URL and does not require any Server Programming or special additional code.

Installation onto your web server where your web is hosted is relatively simple.

As long as you know how and have a permission to create folders and upload GIF, PHP and TXT files, you can use our Page Visits Counter.

Counter Style Samples

per digit
circaqu circlime circred circwh circyel Digit in Circlecirc19x19
circbrn Digit in Hex Dothex19x19
lcdwhb lcdbluwhb lcdbrnwht lcdprpwhb LCD 7 segmentlcd115x20
lcdylb ledaqb ledgnb ledrdb lcdwhb LCD 7 segmentlcd215x20
lcdgnwhLED 7 segmentled115x20
ledgn lcdwh ledaqu ledrd ledyl LED 7 segmentled215x20
odo7 segment7seg16x24
odoDOT 7 segment dot15x20
cntdwnOrbit fontorbit15x20
fdbNeon 7 segmentfdb15x20
ds9Small Digitds99x11
linksColored Linkslinks15x13
web1Normal Digitweb115x20
webgnwht webbluwht webbrnwht Bold Digitweb215x20
webaq weblime webred webyel Bold Digitweb315x20